Mitsubishi Electrics new suite of technologies enables elevators to travel faster than 60 kilometer per hour!

Mitsubishi Electric announced today its new suite of technologies that enable ultra-high-speed elevators to travel faster than 1,000 meters per minute or 60 kph, with enhanced efficiency, comfort and safety. The technologies will be incorporated in the world’s fastest elevators, including those developed by Mitsubishi Electric for the 632-meter Shanghai Tower under construction in Shanghai, China. In response to the increasing height of high-rise buildings amid continuing urban population growth, the role of elevators is gaining even greater importance. In response, Mitsubishi Electric is developing advanced solutions incorporating technologies and equipment for enhanced drive and controllability, safety, super high-rise cable mechanics and passenger comfort.

Mitsubishi Electric’s new suite of ultra-high-speed elevator technologies includes: – A new active roller guide, which reduces vibration from the guide rails and wind, enhances passenger comfort even at ultra-high speeds. The inside of the car is extra-quiet thanks to a streamlined aerodynamic car cover and a high sound insulation cage. Air pressure control helps to minimize rapid changes in atmospheric pressure for reduced ear discomfort.

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