Mitsubishi Electric’s Station Energy Saving Inverter Saves approximately 600kWh power daily for Tokyo Metro

Mitsubishi Electric’s Station Energy Saving Inverter (S-EIV ), which has been in operation at Tokyo Metro’s Myoden Station since June 2014, has contributed a daily power savings of approximately 600kWh, or enough to power about 60 households. The electricity produced by regenerative brakes supplies power to other trains running nearby, but not all of the electricity is consumed. S-EIV directly delivers this surplus regenerative electricity to the station without the need for a secondary battery and converts it to an alternate current with generated-power quality to prevent the generation of vibration or harmonic frequencies.

Myoden_Station_TokyoMitsubishi Electric’s S-EIV achieves a compact size and low weight through the use of silicon carbide (SiC) power modules and high-frequency link inverter, making it suitable for installation in tight spaces, such as the end of a station platform. The system’s drip-proof, dustproof and anticorrosion housing also protect it from harsh outdoor conditions. A monitoring and operation board installed in the station’s electrical room enables remote operation and monitoring of the S-EIV and keeps a record of the power generated. The data can be conveniently downloaded to a PC or mobile device via Wi-Fi.

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