Mitsubishi Compact and light weight NEXIEZ Elevator Series help reduce CO2 emissions

Mitsubishi Electric announced it has launched the NEXIEZ series of elevators for the global market. The series offers a range in load capacity (450~1,350 kilograms) and rated speed (60~105 meters per minute), and helps users reduce carbon dioxide emissions through high energy efficiency enabled by compact, light weight designs. The NEXIEZ series are also designed to reflect various preferences and lifestyles to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

The NEXIEZ brand name combines the terms next and axis. In response to a growing demand for elevators with reduced environmental impact, the NEXIEZ series features a permanent magnetic (PM) gearless traction machine that hoists the ropes using PM motors. The motors incorporate technology devised by Mitsubishi Electric that achieves size reduction and energy-efficient operations.