Mitsubishi Electric announces World’s first 40Gbps EAM-LD device with built-in driver IC

Mitsubishi Electric announced today the development of an electroabsorption modulator laser diode(EAM-LD) device and a photo diode (PD) device, both for 40Gbps optical transmission. The 40Gbps EAM-LD device is the world’s first1 laser module with a laser diode (LD), a monolithically integrated electroabsorption modulator (EAM) and a built-in driver IC all in one package, while the PD device realizes high response at the opposite end.The newly developed laser module is the world’s first device with a built-in driver IC, while the PD device with a built-in pre-amplifier IC shows improved efficiency compared to previous models when converting optical power to electrical current. These devices will make transceivers smaller and lower-priced, thus contributing to a more high-speed and stable optical transmission at 40Gbps.

Sample shipment will begin on April 1; 2008. These devices will be displayed at Optical Fiber communication Conference & Exposition in San Diego on February 26-28, 2008