Mitsubishi i MiEV Sport concept electric car make use of both solar and wind power

Based on the i MiEV, the pinnacle of Mitsubishi Motors’s environmental technology, the Mitsubishi i MiEV SPORT maximizes the sporty possibilities of the zero-emissions electric vehicle. The i MiEV Sport model features a high-performance rechargeable battery and a body made of aluminum to keep down the weight. The concept electric car has a solar cell panel attached to the roof so that it can accumulate electricity whenever sunlight is present. It is also equipped with a fan in the front air intake system, to enable wind power generation. With one charge of electricity, the model has a range of 200 kilometers, 25 pct more than the automaker’s i MiEV minivehicle-type electric vehicle model. The maximum speed was increased to 180 kilometers per hour from 130 kilometers per hour.

The high power and environmental performance of its electric motors make it an exhilarating drive that delivers superior environmental performance.