Mitsubishi RO-EV100 and RO-EV10 microwave oven range uses stone slabs as inner walls

The new Mitsubishi oven range “Ishiyaki Tyuubou “(Stone-roasting Kitchen),” RO-EV100 and RO-EV10 uses stone slabs as inner walls for the first time. The new units with the functions of microwave and oven uses, 4-mm thick stone slabs mainly made of silicon materials as inner walls of the right and left sides and the bottom of the oven range. With those inner walls, the radiant quantity of infrared rays is increased by 140 % compared with the former products, and the temperature inside can be as high as 340 °C. With such high temperature the outside of the chassis does not become too hot. Airspace is left between each stone slab and wall of the chassis for heat insulation, and the stone slabs in themselves work as heat insulation materials. The new Mitsubishi RO-EV100 and RO-EV10 oven range also has a function of cooking with heating steam. By spraying 370 °C heating steam, it removes excess oil and salt while cooking. The maximum rates of oil and salt removal are 28 % (for French-fried food) and 19% (for baked salmons), respectively.

Its volume is 30 L, as large as that of the former products, but the area of the base is 14 % smaller. The depth is reduced to 400 mm by increasing the height by about 10 mm and devised a new shape of cooling fan motor; as a result, the oven range can be placed in a common microwave stand and cabinet. RO-EV 100 is accompanied by a “pizza plate” made of stone slab that can be set in the middle of the oven range. Also, a “soft damper” is adapted to the upper model to reduce the noise of closing the door. The Mitsubishi oven range will be available in Japan by early September with high end model l RO-EV100for approximately 148,000 yen (USD 1,228) and model 108,000 yen (USD 896) for RO-EV10. The sales goal of the new oven ranges is 20,000 units per year.