Mitsuoka Motor Co. unveiles a new car called Orochi

Untitled-3.jpgMitsuoka Motor Co. today unveiled a new car called Orochi (meaning big snake in Japanese). The company will accept orders starting Oct. 3 for the two-seater, 3,300-cc car featuring a design depicting a mythical Japanese big snake. Most car enthusiasts know about Mitsuoka of Japan, which is well known for its hand-made classic cars that not only look unique but also have high quality finishes as well.

Its founder and current President, Mr.Susumu Mitsuoka, an avid enthusiast of classic and antique cars, formed the company in February 1968. Every Mitsuoka is unique in the sense that it is all hand-made, with classic designs most sought after by car collectors. Other than that, the engines and chassis are from the well-proven Nissan technologies.