Money Talks – The best of Luxurylaunches

Football players and their cars – David Beckham is the opening story of our series of your favorite footballers and their collection of cars. Embark on the Palm Jumeirah airship for the Eighth Wonder of the World if you have panache for world-class luxury traveling. Don’t forget to take along Barneys Swarovski studded dice to try your luck at the casinos there. If Europe is on your list of summer holidays then the colorful décor of Yi-Spa restores the body and elevates the spirit in Berlin. Whilst Spiral shower column adds twist to your bathe, for additional luxurious style, Ondine Krystal ELS Chrome Shower sprinkles shimmering water with its Swarovski Crystal studded illuminated shower head. Dazzling Classima XL Double Timezone by Baume & Mercier flashes more than 1,300 diamonds and yellow sapphires making it look like a piece of jewelry than a watch for women, of course.