Money talks – The best of Luxurylaunches

This week we kicked off our fresh series of the Most Expensive- with The Most Expensive- Coffees as it’s the one of the most chugged concoction in the world. Celebration Mickey, a 24 karat gold statue is for sale so anyone fascinated with this famed darling mouse can bid for the largest gold sculpture cast in U.S. history. Hearthfall that doubles as waterfall is an exceptional unification of fire and water for your décor, while the Green Walls renders the world green with a picture perfect fusion of technology and ecology as one. With the interior designers doing bizarre stuff to promote their stuff as the most avant-garde, our darling pet’s abodes are also a step ahead. Take a look at this Fish Pod for your aquatic pets and for the terrestrial pets, the Cat Solo- a classy glassy cat house!