Money Talks – The best of Luxurylaunches

While speculations are floating if Burj Dubai, the Tallest Yet will soar as the highest when completed, Emirates Palace -The world’s costliest hotel at $3.8 billion undeniably has no contenders yet. Tequila Ley 925 scores Guinness record for priciest liquor sold and so to toast to all these accolades, sip it from Maybach Champagne Set In Sterling Silver! Nothing better to set off the occasion other than DeLafée’s Chocolate with 24 karat edible gold flakes! You too can save some riches in Classic Gold Piggy Bank for your Savings as we shall keep an eye out for Five Gold-plated Dominators to be given away by Corsair. How can we forget your darling pooch…so indulge him/her in a wee bit of opulent mealtime with Gianni Versace’s Barocco Pet Bowl.