Money Talks – The best of Luxurylaunches

This week in our exclusive series, The Most Expensive- Perfumes are going to lift your spirits and enhance your senses to a new world of exotic and extraordinary fragrances. No two sisters would like to share the same title but here is Liberty of the Seas to share the title of the world’s largest cruise ship with (her senior sister) Freedom of the Seas. Million Dollar Lure to hook the fishes is a perfect paradigm of gawky concepts undergoing extravagant metamorphosis. Hold on, we have more to engulf your sanity! Gold-plated Porsche dazzles on the road with its all-gold look to show off your riches. While the (relatively) less significant $100,000 cigarette pack comes in 18ct white gold encrusted with a single large diamond and a ruby. BMW Performance Driving School is a revolutionary concept to discover the joy of driving. Whilst the High Profile Train travel is suggested for those who expect an ultra modern, stylish boutique-hotel-like environments in trains within Europe.