Money Talks – The best of Luxurylaunches

Tiny, massive or bejeweled; LCDs are here to rule! BeoCenter 6-23 LCD with DAB by Bang & Olufsen at 23” proves true for the wise saying that ‘Great things come in small packages’. While 100-inch Ambilight HD FlatTV unveiled by Philips at IFA gainsays with this colossal screen. For a more opulent taste, Yalos Diamond TV set studded with 160 real diamonds takes the stand. And if all of these are not enough for you to choose from then take a look at TileVision- a waterproof mirror LCD TV for your luxurious bathrooms! Hansacanyon illuminated water faucets lets you know how hot/cold your water is, with out actually putting your finger to test. Wooden Bathroom scale adds style and perfectly complements the Annette Teak Bathtub. Well if you are wondering where you can put up all this luxurious stuff then we are pleased to let you know that Emaar unveils new luxury residence in Dubai!