Money Talks – The best of Luxurylaunches

Hotels and restaurants are keeping pace with the global trend of excessively wealthy living. Check out some high-priced venues from the World’s Most Expensive Restaurants and World’s 10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms. As for flying to these destinations, we have an equally luxurious choice too. Singapore Airlines Offers The Best Flying Experience as the Airbus A380: Luxury in the skies is all set to take off. Fruity Jewelry juices up your look as you party this festive season. But the award of the most lavish wedding of the season can be procured only if you order Diamond Icing Worth $20 Millions On A Wedding Cake. Some exclusive dressing for your cell case this season as this distinctive Ivory Cell Phone Case Worth $ 23,000 hits the bazaar from China. Some indulgence for your darling pets too- Hello Kitty Pet Sweater at Neiman Marcus is a must-buy for your tiny dogs/cats and The Cat Cocoon is an ideal retreat for your teeny weeny kitty.