Motorola delivers worlds first TETRA Base Stations with fuel cell backup Power to Denmark’s SINE Network

A total of forty Motorola TETRA Base Stations with fuel cell back-up are now live across Denmark’s SINE public safety network, with approximately 50 planned and commissioned for installation throughout the remainder of the year. The environmentally friendly, fuel cell-based back-up solution developed with Dantherm Power provides mission-critical operations with continuous secure communication across the nationwide SINE network in Denmark. It is the first network of its kind in the world. Fuel cell technology offers a no carbon, low acoustic alternative to match the needs for TETRA base stations in challenging locations. They are proven in critical power back-up situations and can run for extended periods limited only by the supply of the hydrogen, and the only emission is water.

Where the fuel cell power system is being used at a TETRA base station in an emergency, and no main power is available, excess back-up power can be used to recharge TETRA radios, eliminating the need for the user to return to the base to recharge. Motorola has worked to ensure that as its TETRA technology is extended to more and more industries and locations, its solutions have remained cost-effective and environmentally friendly.