Muji Japan announces hand cranked Radio with LED light and Smartphone charging

Muji .net, Japan announced OC-223 radio with built in LED light. The radio can be used outdoors also. The eco-friendly AM/FM radio model OC-223 comes with LED light-clock function, LED light and buzzer function. You can charge smartphones also with this multi-use radio. The built in 800mAH nickel-metal hydride battery has an USB DC5V 400mA output. The radio can be charged either via USB or by the built in hand-crank dynamo. The white LED with 0.1W is placed on the side of radio.

OC-223 radio measures 125 × 45 × 75mm and weigh approximately 350g. It comes with two mobile phone connectors for charging smart phones and also iPhone. The Radio is available in Japan for approximately 5900 yen ($76).

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