Murata compact MHM500 ozonizer module removes germs and eliminates odors in consumer and automotive accessory applications

Murata today announced the ultra compact MHM500 ozonizer module constructed on a low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) element. Using a discharge electrode and a dielectric electrode within the LTCC board the ozonizer creates a stable supply of ozone, and because the electrodes are fabricated within the LTCC element it offers a long life characteristic. Comprising both the LTCC element and a power supply module, the MHM500 can be used to generate ozone in a broad range of consumer, industrial and automotive accessory applications. Potential applications include use in automotive interiors, nursing care equipment and pet accessories.

The ozone element measures 14.2 x 31.5 x 17mm, and the power supply module 36 x 50 x 24mm. The module operates from a + 12 VDC input voltage and has a low power consumption of approx 1 W. Ozone generation performance is 2.5mg/h maximum. A remote signal input controls the operation of the unit without the need to turn ON/OFF the input supply.
Murata_ionizer module

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