Murata announces worlds first and smallest Hi-Q Type Monolithic Ceramic Chip Capacitors

There is an increasing need for miniaturization of high-frequency low-loss (Hi-Q) -type Monolithic Ceramic Chip Capacitors (MLCC) that are used for high-frequency module applications such as power amplifiers. Previously, the smallest Hi-Q-type MLCC was 0603-size (0.6 x 0.3mm). This time, Murata has commercialized the GJM02 series, the world’s first 0402-size Hi-Q-type MLCC.

The GJM02 series has introduced a new packaging style called W4P1 tape. Using the new packaging style W4P1 tape provides the following advantages: Cleaner mounting process, Prevention of defects caused by static electricity, Reduction of packaging material waste and Reduction of component transportation and storage costs.