National Vacuum Cleaner MC-P7000JX

Matsushita increased the number of brushes set at the suction opening from the one to two. One of the two brushes rotate positively toward the direction, in which the cleaner’s suction head is advancing, while the other brush rotates adversely, scooping up dusts as if the two brushes catch dusts between them. As a result, the vacuum cleaner effectively sucks dusts no matter if it runs back or forth. To boost dust collection power, the new vacuum cleaner MC-P7000JX also carries a negative ion generator. The generator discharges negative ion from the exhaust outlet and charges dusts in the air. Not being grounded, the dust bag also becomes charged due to negatively charged dusts sucked into it. Then the dusts pool inside without sticking to the charged bag, resulting in higher dust collection efficiency, according to Matsushita.

This negative ion generator is basically the same as the one used in its air conditioners. The new vacuum cleaner can achieve 10 dB lower noise compared to the company’s previous product.National vacuum cleaner MC-P7000JX.measures 268×360×211mm, weighs 3.8kg (cleaner only) and with attachment 5.5kg. With maximum power consumption maximum 1,000W, the new vacuum cleaner MC-P7000JX will be available in Japan from April 25th for approximately 80,000 Yen ($685).