NEC Develops Reconfigurable Analog Baseband LSI for Software Defined Radio

NEC Corporation and NEC Electronics Corporation today announced the successful development of a reconfigurable analog baseboard LSI for Software Defined Radio (SDR). The newly developed LSI is capable of filtering unnecessary signals in the frequency range of 400 KHz to 30 MHz, allowing it to simultaneously support multiple wireless standards for existing and future mobile system standards such as mobile phone, broadcasting, and wireless LAN systems. Boasting a small chip area of 0.57mm2, the LSI can also change the type of filter depending on the wireless standard.

Conventionally, it has been difficult to incorporate SDR into mobile equipment since the existing SDR technology relied upon selective switching of transceiver devices, which resulted in a large mounting area of existing chips for each wireless standard. One of the key building blocks for novel SDR transceivers is an analog base band that includes tunable filters. The new slim, compact analog base band LSI has been achieved by development of a pulse-width controlled reconfigurable filter for changing filter type and/or bandwidth.