NEC TFT LCD Module Enables Control of Viewing Angle

NEC LCD Technologies today announced the successful development of a new color TFT LCD module that enables the viewing angle to be switched from wide to narrow in accordance with display contents, use and application of the LCD. NEC LCD Technologies has realized the new LCD module by its own unique value integrated TFT-LCD (VIT) technology, along with the addition of a new viewing angle-switching control on the polarizer adjacent to the backlight system. The angle-switching control enables the light from the backlight system to be switched from a diffused pattern to a straight pattern by control signals, allowing easy switching of the viewing angle mode from that of wide to narrow. Recently, the use of industrial automatic processing equipment incorporating LCDs, such as ATMs and ticketing machines, has been increasing dramatically in public spaces like stores, hotels and airports. In addition, security concerns have escalated with the increased possibility of information being viewed by third party bystanders.

This has brought about a need for LCD devices that address two divergent needs – secure viewing of personal information achieved by a narrow angle mode and broad viewing of public information realized by a wide angle mode. The adoption of a new viewing angle-switching control will allow various industries to benefit from secure dual mode use of LCD devices and is expected to expand the range of application in the future. The new LCD module will be displayed at FPD International 2007, which is being held at the Pacifico Yokohama, Japan, from October 24 – 26.