NEC TWINPOS3500G1 New Compact Touch Screen POS Terminal for food and beverage markets

NEC has completed development of a new compact, touch screen POS terminal aimed at the international retail and food and beverage markets. The Space-saving design of new NEC TWINPOS3500G1 enables the terminal to be installed in small service areas since it occupies 45% the space of conventional touch screen POS terminals. Other features include-a touch-panel screen and flash memory delivers a fan-less and keyboard-less unit. The new hardware design experiences fewer breakdowns and incorporates energy-saving functions that make it a more environmentally friendly offering. A metal-frame configuration delivers a more robust structure that can withstand a greater level of external pressure.

The unit is packaged with dedicated application software for the retail and restaurant industries. In addition to a basic configuration with operator screen and flash disk memory, the line up includes models with a line customer display and inbuilt hard disk drive.