NEC wireless camera powered from a fluorescent light!

NEC has developed a wireless camera that can be powered from a fluorescent light by simply attaching a ring-shaped component for power acquisition to the bulb. The camera only requires fluorescent lighting equipment with a straight bulb to provide a video system without the necessity for a power supply installation work. Sharp unveiled the power supply technology used in this wireless camera in January 2006. Based on the electromagnetic induction, the camera obtains power by using the magnetic field generated by the AC source (45-100kHz) in the fluorescent light. Basically, the new NEC wireless camera is operable at 120mW. It is provided with a function to automatically adjust the frequency of shooting video in response to the power supply from the fluorescent light. The function makes it possible to shoot and transmit images in the optimum quality with the use of any commercially-available inverter fluorescent light with a straight bulb while eliminating the need of manually adjusting the power consumption of the camera.

The NEC wireless camera powered from a fluorescent light shoots images every 10 seconds. It supports VGA (640 x 480), QVGA (320 x 240) and QQVGA (160 x 120) resolutions. An IEEE802.11b-compliant wireless LAN is employed for the image transmission. The NEC camera will be exhibited at iExpo2007 in Tokyo Big Sight from Dec 5-7, 2007.