NetStreams DoorLinX DX100 world’s first IP-Based doorbell

NetStreams has introduced the NetStreams DoorLinX DX100, the world’s first IP-Based doorbell / intercom system. Featuring an integrated microphone, speaker, and matching doorbell unit, DoorLinX allows any MP3 audio file, including a recorded voice, to be used as a door chime and to have different sounds associated with different doors or points of entry. You can put the entire system, in Do-Not-Disturb (DND) mode, thus muting the doorbell when desired. The NetStreams DoorLinX DX100 is available for use with DigiLinX Multi-Room Entertainment and Control system.

DoorLinX employs a high performance Texas Instruments 24-bit DSP chip to provide the intercom with exceptional fidelity and quality. A separate illuminated doorbell button with matching trim plate mounts on the doorjamb is also included.
Via – Netstreams