New NEXIEZ-S Elevator Lineup from Mitsubishi Electric eliminates the need for machine room on building roof

elevatorMitsubishi Electric announced today that it will launch the NEXIEZ-S, a new lineup of NEXIEZ series elevators targeting office and residential buildings of up to 10 stories, particularly in the Middle East and Europe, on August 4. The new NEXIEZ-S Elevator Lineup with compact design and simplified structure reduce installation lead time. NEXIEZ-S cars have a carrying capacity of 320 to 450 kilograms (four to six persons) and travel at up to 60 meters per minute. Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new compact and flat traction machine suitable for four to six passengers in low-rise buildings for the new series.

Mitsubishi_elevatorsThe traction machine’s positioning inside elevator shaft saves space, including by eliminating need for machine room on building roof and simplified structure helps to reduce lead time between sales and installation. The gearless-traction machine uses permanent magnetic motor to reduce power consumption and optional LEDs in car ceilings reduce lighting power consumption by about 60 percent compared to conventional fluorescent lighting. An additional combination wall, combined by hairline-finished stainless-steel and painted steel sheets, allows a wider range of car decor options. Annual sales of 1,000 units are expected by the fiscal year ending in March 2018.

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