Nikon Announces AMI-5700 Automatic Macro Inspection System

Nikon today announced the upcoming release of the AMI-5700 automatic macro inspection system, which performs batch inspection of 300 mm wafers with exceptional sensitivity and maximized productivity. Nikon automatic macro inspection equipment (the AMI series) are inspection systems that detect semiconductor wafer defects, and the industry-leading AMI-5700 provides ultra-fine sensitivity and superior throughput using simultaneous capture of images across the entire wafer.

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Like previous-generation AMI systems, the Nikon AMI-5700 delivers very efficient, advanced inspection capabilities. Customers can then equip their AMI-5700 with a newly developed add-on high-speed measurement function that enables detailed inspection and measurement using the single system. The Nikon AMI-5700 detects errors greater than or equal to ±10% of the target pattern sizes: 22 nm for lines/spaces, 50 nm for holes and 80 nm for spaces using diffraction inspection. Orders for the Nikon AMI-5700 starts early November 2021.

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