Nikon Announces New FPD Lithography System FX-6AS

Nikon today announced the release of the new FPD lithography system FX-6AS that supports small and medium-size panels. Nikon FX-6AS is an optimal FPD lithography system for manufacturing high definition organic light emitting diode (OLED) panels and LCD panels for the latest and high-definition mobile devices, such as smartphones. For the exposure of circuit patterns, the FX-6AS has achieved a high resolution of 1.2 μm (L/S) for binary masks and 1.1μm (L/S) for phase shift masks. The FX-6AS features the multi-lens system consisting of multiple projection lenses, realizing wide exposure field and excellent efficiency.

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With the newly developed projection lens, the FX-6AS enables the highest level of resolution, high alignment accuracy, and high throughput. The FX-6AS employs an i-line light source that has been used in the existing models. This enables the high-volume production of high-definition panels without changing the existing manufacturing processes. With the introduction of the new projection lens, the improved stage, and the enhanced illumination power, the FX-6AS achieves high throughput. It provides a high throughput of 85 plates per hour when using a binary mask.

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