Nikon announces new Gen 8 Plate FPD Lithography System FX-88S

Nikon today announced the release of new Gen 8 plate FPD lithography system FX-88S that supports the production of various high-definition panels. With high-resolution, high-accuracy, and wide area exposure, the FX-88S can efficiently produce panels for high value-added premium displays, such as smart devices and large TVs. The FX-88S meets a wide range of demands from customers. The Nikon FPD lithography system FX-88S supports the production of various high-definition panels.

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The Nikon FX-88S incorporates the i-line projection lens, originally developed for the G6 plate FPD lithography system FX-68SH/68S to achieve mass production of high-definition panels. The multi-lens system achieves batch exposure over a wide area with high resolution. The entire surface of the G8 plate can be exposed in 4 scans. In addition, compared to the conventional FX-86SH2, the drive speed of the stage has improved by 30% or more, and the takt time has shortened significantly. Nikon FX-88S will be available from April.

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