Nikon announces New LCD Scanner FX-67S for liquid crystal displays

Nikon today announced the release of FX-67S, the new exposure equipment for liquid crystal displays (LCDs).Nikon FX-67S is the optimal exposure equipment for manufacturing high definition small and medium-sized LCD panels as well as organic light emitting diode (OLED) panels, whose demands are ever increasing as sophisticated mobile devices such as smartphones become popular and widespread. The increased number of interferometer measurement axes and the newly designed measurement system realizes improvement in measurement stability as well as a high alignment accuracy of ±0.5 μm.

FX-67S is exposure equipment that supports production of high definition small and medium-sized panels using large plates. Its scanner method enables improved productivity as well as high resolution and high alignment accuracy. Use of this FX-67S in combination with the already released FX-66S allow for formation of an optimal production line.

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