Nikon introduces new Ti-LAPP System

Nikon announced the new Ti-LAPP System, which offers various combinations of multiple epi-fluorescence modules to meet the demands of bioscience imaging. The inverted microscope Eclipse Ti can be customized to meet individual research needs by combining it with Ti-LAPP System modules. For example, it is possible to perform photostimulation during epi-fluorescence or TIRF observations by combining EPI-FL, H-TIRF and DMD Modules.

The H-TIRF Module, using Imaging Software NIS-Elements, allows auto alignment of settings, such as laser incident angles and evanescent wave field penetration depths, required for TIRF observations. These parameters can be fine-tuned to best suit the needs of the individual user. Individual settings can be saved and recalled in order to easily repeat observations.

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The DMD Module, controlled by Imaging Software NIS-Elements, enables multi-point photostimulation simultaneously in arbitrary areas and points to fit a complex cell shape or adjust to areas where florescence proteins are localized.

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