Nikon announces Eclipse LV150L Industrial Microscope

Nikon today announced the launch of the new industrial microscope Eclipse LV150L, part of Nikon’s LV microscope lineup designed for the inspection of electronic devices, and automobile and aerospace related parts. The Nikon LV150L is also suitable for use on the production floor and for educational purposes. The newly designed Nikon LV150L features a built-in white LED illuminator that is bright and long lasting, and features low power consumption that is friendly to the environment. The illuminator’s maximum lifespan of 50,000 hours reduces the inconvenience of lamp replacement and increases work efficiency.

With the LV150L, ESD protection and Nikon LV microscope quality is available at an affordable price. ESD protection is an LV150L standard that improves anti-contamination and prevents samples from being damaged by electrostatic. Nikon LV150L Industrial Microscope measures 250 x 341x 505 mm.