Nikon announces stereo microscope SMZ745

Nikon today announced a new stereo microscope SMZ745 with a zoom magnification of 7.5X and a long working distance of 115mm. The Nikon SMZ745 meets various needs in the industrial and biomedical fields. The Nikon SMZ745, with its 7.5X zoom, has a total magnification range of 3.35X to 300X, for comfortable operation. The adoption of the new total reflection prism has resulted in bright, high-contrast images. The anti-mold design in the interior of the zoom body allows the Nikon SMZ745 stereo microscope to be used in environments where the temperature and humidity are high. Optional illumination accessories are available for various applications and task.

The zooming knob of Nikon SMZ745 stereo microscope is equipped with a click stop for each magnification. At 115mm, the working distance is very long, providing enough room for fabrication and manipulation of the sample. Nikon Stereoscopic Microscope SMZ745 will be available from February 1, 2011. The newly developed SMZ745 is a strong addition to the Nikon stereo zoom microscope line up.