Nikon HN-6060- a new concept in Non-contact multi-sensor 3D Metrology System

nikon_3D Metrology System_HN-6060.jpg
Nikon today announced the new Non-contact multi-sensor 3D Metrology System – HN-6060. The Nikon HN-6060 captures high-density 3D point clouds from part surfaces with high speed and precision. The newly designed laser scanning sensor extracts the surface form and waviness data in one scan. With a 5 axes synchronized hardware control allowing the optimum part orientation to the sensor, the HN-6060 can measure the part from different angles.

The ergonomic design of seamlessly integrated hardware and software takes full account of user safety and operability, such as fixed viewpoint joystick operation for easy acquisition of point clouds from 3D shapes and simulation for collision avoidance. The HN-6060 makes non-contact shape inspection a reality. The Nikon HN-6060 will be on exhibit for the first time at the 25th Japan International Machine Tool Fair from October 28th to November 2nd at Tokyo Big Sight and will be available from December24, 2010.