Nikon launches three new LCD Scanners FX-66S, FX-76S and FX-86S with a multi-lens system

nikon_lcd_scanner.jpgNikon today announced the release of three new LCD Scanners FX-66S, FX-76S and FX-86S,which are new exposure equipment for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with a multi-lens system enabling productivity and performance surpassing existing systems. With the increasing popularity and outspread of mobile devices such as smartphones, the market is demanding increased production efficiency for liquid crystal display panels and organic LED panels by adopting large plates. Nikon FX-66S is exposure equipment that supports the production of mid-to-small size panels using large plates. Its improved productivity and stable exposure performance enable production of mid-to-small size high definition panels with a high resolution of 3 μm or less (L/S). When used in combination with the new exposure equipment that is being developed to achieve higher resolution, panels can be produced in volume with even higher definition.

As the popularity of big screen LCD televisions increases, the market is now strongly demanding that large LCD panels achieve both high definition (i.e., full high vision) as well as low costs. FX-76S/86S is Nikon’s answer to this market demand. Nikon FX-76S/86S LCD scanners support the production of large LCD panels using large plates. With their improved productivity and stable exposure performance, they contribute to volume production of large, high definition LCD panels.