Nissan allows free use of body temperature and health management technology

Nissan today announced that it will allow the free use of Nissan technology for a body temperature and health management system created by Computer Engineering & Consulting Ltd (CEC). The free use is based on the IP Open Access Declaration Against COVID-19, which Nissan joined in May last year. IP rights holders declare that they will not assert any patent, utility model, design or copyright claims against activities whose sole purpose is to diagnose, prevent and contain COVID-19 infections, and will not seek any consideration or compensation until the date on which the World Health Organization (WHO) declares the COVID-19 outbreak to be over.

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Nissan developed a system capable of integrated management of body temperature and health status and implemented it at plants in Japan. The system uses either a contactless thermometer or a thermo-camera to take measurements of employees’ body temperatures as they enter a facility. The employees then enter basic information into a tablet device, which is then registered in the system automatically after authentication by ID card.

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This reduces both the amount of information employees need to enter and data entry errors. It also enables supervisors to manage accurate information on the body temperature and health status of employees, allowing the bolstering of measures to manage their health and prevent the spread of infection at the workplace.

Nissan has licensed this technology to CEC for the company to use as part of an ICT solution aimed at its manufacturing operations.