Nissan Announces AGRES and AGRES Compact forklifts

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the release of its new, fully redesigned engine-powered AGRES and AGRES Compact forklifts, which go on sale September 18 at dealers in Japan. In addition to the new engine technology, the new AGRES and AGRES Compact forklifts offer improved devices for operator/worker safety and peace of mind. The 2-ton and 3-ton diesel AGRES forklifts feature Nissan’s newly developed QD32 engine. By substantially reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions, this engine complies with Japan’s 2008 exhaust emission regulations for special motor vehicles one year ahead of the scheduled enforcement date. AGRES models also offer a standard Safety Support System, which utilizes a seat sensor and mast lock mechanism that automatically stops lift and tilt operations when a sensor embedded in the seat detects that the operator is not in a normal operating position. The Safety Support System also includes a parking brake reminder buzzer, a seat belt reminder buzzer and a mechanism for automatically returning the automatic transmission to neutral (on torque converter models).

The Vehicle Control Module (VCM) features an IP65 level of protection, which prevents the incursion of water even if the truck is exposed to a steam shower. AGRES models are designed to provide peace of mind and enhanced safety, not only of the operator but also other nearby workers.