Nissan Motor Co launches its all-new minicar Otti in Japan

Nissan Motor Co on Tuesday started selling its all-new minicar Otti in Japan. The new Otti’s innovative design concept is defined by its simple boxy style that lend the vehicle its distinctive appeal, combined with a modern and roomy cabin offering a variety of handy storage solutions. It also features improved visibility, giving the driver a more confident driving position. Nissan said the Otti has been designed for Japanese urban city-scape where the dimensions of the vehicle have been specifically sized to fit into typical multi-story garages. For added convenience and easy access in tight spaces the vehicle is equipped with a remote-controlled sliding door.

The new model comes in the S/E/M series or the sportier RS/RX series, as well as a choice of a non-turbo or an inter-cooled turbo 0.66-liter powertrains. The Otti is priced from Yen 976,500 ($8270)- Yen1,510,950 ($12,800).