Now you can receive Global Television Broadcasts on Personal Computers

NEC Electronics Corporation today announced eight new MPEG encoder chips that target personal computer TV tuner markets to enable OEMs to build powerful multimedia PCs to receive and record world-wide digital and analog television broadcasts. These highly integrated silicons include: (1) digital TV composite encoding circuitry to receive digital TV broadcasts in Japan, America, and Europe; (2) high quality video decoder, sound multiplex decoder, and MPEG2 encoder to receive analog audio, video signals and global TV broadcasts; and (3) a high-performance encryption engine to secure protected digital MPEG content, preventing illegal duplication of digital data.

Television broadcasts in America, Europe, and Japan are rapidly migrating from analog to digital formats. These latest NEC MPEG encoder chips will allow PC OEMs to provide many flexible, state-of-the-art TV tuner solutions to their customers, regardless of the broadcast format, digital or analog.