NXP GreenChip III energy-efficient ICs for Switch Mode Power Supplies

NXP, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, today announced the launch of GreenChip III – its third generation of energy-efficient ICs for Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). Designed specifically for notebook adapters and LCD TVs, the new GreenChip III TEA1750 reduces no-load standby power consumption to 200 – 300 mW – far below US ENERGY STAR requirements and a reduction of over 200 mW in standby power consumption compared to conventional solutions. The GreenChip III TEA1750 supports universal mains supply operation (70Vac to 276 Vac) and a wide Vcc range, eliminating the need for an external voltage regulator. In addition to the burst mode PFC during standby, it provides several patented green features, including true valley switching and a high-voltage start-up current source.

The GreenChip III TEA1750 is available immediately and will be showcased at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Anaheim, California this week.