NXP UCODE G2XM and UCODE G2XL Advanced UHF smart label ICs

NXP today announced the UCODE G2XM and UCODE G2XL, its next-generation smart label ICs featuring breakthrough performance over the entire UHF frequency range. The new UCODE RFID chips offer reliable operation across very long read ranges and in dense reader environments. Established tag and label manufacturers such as LSIS, KSW Microtec, RF IDentics, RSI ID Technologies, Tagsys and UPM Raflatac have thoroughly tested the new G2X chips, with consistent positive feedback. Furthermore, some companies are already actively working on RFID implementations with end users based on the new NXP UCODE range in applications such as footwear, recorded media, apparel, and the manufacturing and tracking of electronic goods through global supply chains and into retail locations.

The NXP UCODE G2XM and UCODE G2XL are specifically designed for ease of inlay assembly and high volume/yield assembly lines. NXP offers these ICs as wafers, on straps and in surface-mount devices to its customers.