Okamura Manner Jet removes pollen and dust from hair and clothing

mannerjet02.jpgOkamura Corp Japan has developed Manner Jet entrance booth that uses air to remove pollen and dust from hair and clothing. It is estimated that at present 20% of Japanese people suffer from hayfever and the number is increasing. Hay fever, also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, is a reaction to pollen and fungal spores and in Japan hayfever is caused mainly by cedar pollen. The Manner Jet booth is fully automatic and removes approximately 90% of pollen and dust which come in contact with clothing and hair. The filter absorbs 100% of pollen removed. Once you enter the booth operation is fully automatic. The built in sensors starts the system and removes the pollen dust. In short you don’t have to touch any thing. The open booth has a glass panel on the front and entrance is from the side. Forced air creates a barrier at the entrance and hence there is no need of any door.

Okamura Corporation was inaugurated in 1945, in Yokohama, Japan. Today, as a solutions company that creates comfortable spaces, Okamura is making significant strides in the development of functional office products, and at the same time is supporting the new office styles that have accompanied the advance of information technology (IT) in the workplace. The Okamura Manner Jet measures 1,488 x 942 x 1900mm and will be available in Japan from October 2007 for approximately 1,890,000 Yen ($15,835).