OKI 10Gbps EML driver IC with World’s Lowest Power Consumption

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of KGL5115KD, a 10Gbps EML driver IC for optical communication. The new IC has one of the world’s smallest footprints and achieves the world’s lowest power consumption at just 0.45W. The Oki KGL5115KD is a 10Gbps EML driver IC for 10Gbps optical communication that operates on a power supply of 3.3V. While maintaining the high quality wave pattern characteristics of OKI’s driver ICs using GaAs PHEMT, OKI succeeded in reducing power consumption by 25% compared to conventional models, achieving power consumption of just 0.45W at an output amplitude of 2.3Vpp, the lowest in the industry.

An extremely small footprint was also achieved by using a 4mm by 4mm small ceramic package. Samples of these products are available starting today.