OKI 21SX Small-size ATM for the Chinese Market

z07008e.jpgOki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. today unveiled its ATM21SX, a small-size ATM for mid and small-size branches of the financial institutions and convenience stores in the Chinese market. Like the OKI ATM21S, the ATM21SX adopts the cash recycling method. This method enables the deposited cash to be reused as withdrawal cash, improving efficiency in cash operations in a compact chassis. By improving ATM reliability and enabling a long period of unattended operation with a cash capacity of 7,000 banknotes and 5,000 receipts, OKI succeeded in significantly reducing the operation cost.

OKI has succeeded in reducing the installation space by 30% compared to their previous model, achieving a small-space ATM, which no other company has been able to provide thus far. OKI ATM21SX ATM sales will start from the end of April 2007 and OKI is targeting sales of 10,000 of its ATM21SXs by 2010.