OKI LSI ML2620 Speaker Amplifier for Portable Devices

Oki today unveiled samples of a speaker amplifier LSI ML2620 that is best used in small and thin portable devices. The ML2620 adopts OKI’s proprietary signal processing technology, and with speakers a mere 10mm-20mm in diameter, it can replay music with approximately twice the volume of conventional OKI models. It can also correct the volume and sound quality to optimum them for each device as it extracts the parameter for acoustic-effect characteristics. The OKI LSI can automatically change the volume one step at a time; from silent to the specified volume; from the current volume to silent; or from the current volume to the specified volume. This enables a more natural volume control.

OKI speaker amplifier LSI ML2620 achieves a package size level of 2.54mm x 2.42mm and will be shipped in volume from December 2007.