OKI ML22310 / ML22Q310 Voice Synthesis LSI

Oki today unveiled the ML22310 series, which are voice synthesis that are targeted for short voice playback such as warning sounds and voice guidance. Finished products with voice playback functionality, such as voice guidance to enable easier operation or warning sounds to notify danger, are becoming common as the need for user-friendly products increases. Oki addresses this need by introducing an interface with event input that allows easy addition of voice playback functionality existing designs. The series include ML22310 with internal mask ROM and ML22Q310 with internal flash memory. Because customers can easily customize the voice data on their own with the ML22Q310, when voice data are changed or revised, customers can evaluate the voice on their actual design on the spot.

TheOki ML22310 / ML22Q310 operates in stand-alone mode, thus not requiring external MCU to program it or control it for voice playback.