OKI Visual Cast VBOX-S/500 Digital Video Recorder for Networks

untitled.jpgOki Electric Industry Co., Ltd today added “VisualCast VBOX-S/500” to its remote video surveillance system, the “VisualCast” product line up. The VisualCast VBOX-S/500 is a digital video recorder for network applications that enables connection of up to 16 surveillance cameras, including network cameras. This recorder achieves intelligence by automating surveillance operation with added functions including digital recording functions, network functions for concentrated surveillance at centers, and video analysis function for automatic detection of suspicious behaviors from the captured video. By detecting suspicious intrusions through its video analysis function, the VBOX-S/500 provides a sophisticated remote surveillance to users in fields such as finance, retail and manufacturing. OKI Visual Cast VBOX-S/500 Digital Video Recorder is compatible not only with conventional analog cameras, but also with the popular IP network cameras. It is also equipped with OKI’s high-quality video transmission technology, the “eVideo engine,” to deliver live video while maintaining high video quality over IP networks and to record long hour videos on an internal hard disk (Maximum of 500GB).

Surveillance viewer software, which is being offered concurrently, displays each video from the camera connected to VBOX-S/500 via IP network. OKI starts sales of this product today to the Japanese market together with surveillance viewer software for VBOX-S/500, enabling remote monitoring of voice and video via networks.