OKIFAX 7100 World’s first thermal digital fax machine Registered among Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology

OKIFAX 7100OKI Data today announced the registration of the OKIFAX 7100 as one of the Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology (nickname: Mirai Technology Heritage) by Japan’s National Museum of Nature and Science.The OKIFAX 7100 was introduced in 1976 as the world’s first thermal digital fax machine. The OKIFAX 7100 was recognized for achieving efficient transmission through a band compression encoding method called Skipping White Space. OKIFAX 7100 enabled mass production and low cost through digital fax technologies and by integrating the image scanning optical and recording parts into a single unit as an LSI circuit.

Kibataro_OkiThe Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology is a registration system established to preserve, recognize, and make the best use of “prominent scientific and technological achievements worthy of being passed onto future generations” and “materials that have had significant impact on lifestyles, economy, society, and culture. EKibataro Oki (Oki-san)stablished in 1881, OKI began life trading as Meikosha. Ltd. in a rented two-storey office block in the heart of Tokyo. Its founder, Kibataro Oki (Oki-san), was a silversmith by trade but nurtured a burning passion for innovation and firmly believed that Japan was on the verge of entering the age of communications.

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