Olympus launches bronchoscopes for peripheral and small anatomy bronchoscopy

Olympus_ultra-slim bronchoscopes
Olympus announced today the commercial availability of its 510(k) cleared, next-generation BF-P190 and BF-XP190 bronchoscopes for peripheral and small anatomy bronchoscopy. With new recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force calling for more proactive lung cancer screening of long-term smokers, the need for reliable methods of assessing peripheral lung nodules is forecasted to increase. The fully rotatable, slim design of the BF-P190 bronchoscope, along with its improved tip angulation, advances maneuverability to provide better access in peripheral airways. The bronchoscope also delivers the industry’s largest working channel (2.0 mm) available in a slim 4.2 mm true videoscope, making it ideal for accommodating a variety of endoscopic devices.

Olympus_ultra-slim bronchoscopes_a
The Olympus BF-XP190 provides a new evolution of better imaging in an ultra-slim bronchoscope. A revolutionary mini CCD provides unsurpassed image quality compared to other ultra-slim bronchoscopes, and close-up observation of bronchial surfaces can be easily accessed with 1.2 x and 1.5 x electronic magnification. With an outside diameter of 3.1 mm — nearly 1 mm smaller than its nearest competitor — and a 1.2 mm working channel, the BF-XP190 is the industry’s slimmest true videoscope, making it the scope of choice for peripheral bronchoscopy. The BF-P190 and BF-XP190 bronchoscopes offer improved diagnostic capabilities and procedural efficiency using a minimally invasive approach.

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