Olympus launches GX53 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Olympus today announced the immediate worldwide launch of the GX53 inverted metallurgical microscope. GX53 is a new product from its Scientific Solutions business for the observation and inspection of metal components. A new version of the Olympus Stream software v. 2.3 for analyzing observations has also been released. Olympus Stream image analysis software v. 2.3 can combine different darkfield illuminations (partial illumination of the sample from different directions) to provide clear images with minimal halation, even from highly reflective samples. The new Olympus GX53 microscope features an LED light source for ultra-long life and low power consumption.

With the incorporation of a MIX observation unit — a first for the GX series — the GX53 microscope can obtain surface structure images with greater clarity. An available function for saving observation conditions improves user productivity and facilitates inspections by recording settings such as brightness and observation technique. Inverted metallurgical microscopes observe samples from underneath, enabling the user to inspect thick or heavy samples without adjusting the orientation of the sample surface. They are suitable for viewing the microstructure of metals used in automotive and other manufactured metal applications or for viewing cross-sections of electronic components on printed circuit boards.

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