Olympus E-400 the world’s smallest and lightest D-SLR

The compact size and low weight of this latest Four Thirds Standard camera Olympus E-400 in the Olympus E-System grant photographers the freedom to take it along nearly anywhere, while not having to do without the considerable benefits of SLR photography. Olympus E-400 features a newly-developed CCD with 10.0 million pixels for incredible imaging performance and a large 2.5”/6.4cm LCD to view results in comfort. As the E-400 is compatible with the Four Thirds Standard, users have virtually unlimited flexibility. A wide range of high-quality, interchangeable lenses – including the EISA Award winning ZUIKO DIGITAL Top Pro lens line-up by Olympus – plus other accessories are available for all types of needs. The Olympus E-400 features the Supersonic Wave Filter – ensuring dust-free photography, even when changing lenses under challenging conditions. The E-400 balances manual control options that give creativity no bounds with a wide range of semi and fully-automatic choices for ease of use. A total of 31 shooting modes are on board that cover a great variety of shooting situations.

A total of 25 languages are available to make the camera completely understandable in 39 European countries – something only Olympus currently achieves. The Olympus E-400 achieves a remarkable balancing act between being the world’s smallest and lightest D-SLR and giving away nothing in terms of image quality and pro performance and will be available from October 2006.