Omron develops Worlds First Connector Using Electroforming Technology

omron_connector.jpgOmron today has launched mass production of a connector using subminiature contacts electroformed through an electroplating process, the first of its kind in the world. The employment of electroforming technology has led to versatile terminal shapes, microminiature terminal dimensions and superior characteristics, which cannot be achieved with a conventional press process. Connector terminals are usually formed by a pressing process, but currently available pressing technology has several drawbacks, making it difficult to satisfy demands from customers for greater miniaturization. Omron has solved these drawbacks by further upgrading its microfabrication technology and electroformed materials technology. This upgrade enables mass production of a connector using subminiature contacts that were impossible to form through conventional press technology.

The newly developed electroformed material features higher strength (yield strength of 1,100 MPa minimum) compared to conventional press materials. Omron’s FPC connector using this material has improved contact force by approximately 30% (compared to an Omron FPC connector using pressed parts). The increased contact force greatly contributes to enhanced reliability of the connection section even with miniaturized parts.